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We specialize in Internet Marketing for Nonprofits

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RankMonsters specializes in working with 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. We find opportunities for you to further your mission through Internet Marketing using grants and special programs for nonprofits. Our services include applying for and managing various programs and services such as Google for Nonprofits, Techsoup, and PayPal. With our help your organization can reach more people online while spending less of your budget on advertising and outreach.

Google Makes the Switch To HTTPS Mandatory

Take a quick look at your website's URL. Do you see a little green lock and the word "Secure" next to it? If you do, congratulations - you're on the right side of technology history. But if you don't see that lock, you need to be aware of Google's latest...

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How to Stay Off Google’s Naughty List

Are you an organization that uses the Google Adwords Grant, or are considering signing up for it in the future? Then you should know that, just like Santa, Google has a naughty list. Unlike Santa’s list, though, it is difficult - if not impossible - to get...

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Google for Nonprofits Membership

Nonprofit organizations have access to many special tools and opportunities, but one of the biggest is Google for Nonprofits. This Google program gives your organization access to several unique offerings. With a Google for Nonprofits membership your organization can...

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Understanding TechSoup for Nonprofits

TechSoup is an organization that partners with technology and service providers to grant opportunities to nonprofits online. They help nonprofits access special tools and services, such as technical assistance and discounts on computer programs and hardware. TechSoup...

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How to Increase Your Site’s Visibility in the New Year

A new year is right around the corner, and you probably want to increase your business’s revenue over the next 12 months. One of the best ways to grow your sales is to improve your presence online. GE Capital found in a study that 81% of consumers research...

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Did Penguin 3.0 Crash Your Rankings?

“Where did my website go?” Many business owners and webmasters asked themselves this question late last week. On Friday, October 17th, Google issued an update to it’s infamous Penguin ranking algorithm. This update, Penguin 3.0, has caused both ranking...

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Why Mobile Search Matters for your Website

Two-thirds of Americans now own and regularly use smartphones, and nearly three-quarters of those adults search for local information on their phones before visiting local businesses. This data points to a major shift in the way consumers get online and...

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Why Links are Important on Your Website

Part of our Oklahoma City SEO work involves staying aware of the latest trends and best practices in search engine optimization. One of the biggest changes in the last year has been the increased focus on cleaning up negative or low-quality links coming to...

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Google’s Link Schemes Update Means More SEO Changes

In an interesting update to their Webmaster help pages document, Google has revised and expanded some of their warnings about link schemes – warnings which will almost certainly apply to the SEO tactics of many websites. Just like with the Panda update...

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Five Tips on Blogging for SEO

One of the most important parts of building your online presence and making yourself more search-engine friendly is creating content that search engines can see. Blog posts are a perfect way for a website to build their content profile and provide quality...

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Google Penguin Changes SEO – Again

SEO is a constantly changing game. Google, Bing, and other search engines are always updating the way they find and rank search results, which means that keeping a website consistently ranked high is a never-ending challenge. A perfect example of this is...

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Mobile Web: More Important than Ever

Smartphones and mobile internet are one of the biggest forces online today, according to a report by Marketing Land. This report states that almost 40% of all time spent on the internet is spent on a mobile device – which means that optimizing your site...

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