Google Ad Grants

$10,000 per month in Google Ads


Impact YOUR Mission
Using Google Ad Grants

As part of the Google for Nonprofits initiative, you may be eligible for Google Ad Grants if your organization is a registered 501(c)(3). This special program gives nonprofit organizations access to $10,000 monthly in free Ads. That’s $329 in ad spend per day to Impact YOUR Mission!

Yes! You can use Ad Grants to increase donations and sponsorships.

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Google Ad Grants program has been serving nonprofits since 2003 and has awarded over 115K+ Ad Grant accounts since its conception.

How it works

Google Ad Grants work just like standard search advertising by displaying text ads alongside search results when people are using Google to learn, to find, to donate and to connect with your not-for-profit organization.

Extended features

Google Ad Grants extends the power of search advertising to eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofits at no cost. With $10,000 per month in free Google advertising, nonprofits can benefit from professional ad campaigns to connect with their target audiences.

Program policies

Google Ad Grants are governed by a distinct set of program policies and guidelines designed to uphold quality standards and foster valuable connections between people and nonprofits. This is part of the reason why your organization must work with a Certified Agency like ours to qualify for the grant. 

What would YOUR nonprofit do with $10,000 per month in Google Ads?

Monster Impact

$399.00 / month

Ad Grants Management

We love working with nonprofits and the Google Ads Grant program because it allows us to make a significant impact for such a low cost to the organization.

RankMonsters will help your nonprofit apply for and obtain Google Ad Grants.

We’re a longtime member of the Certified Professional Community, and we have proven experience in maximizing the reach and potential available to you under the Google Ad Grants program.

What we do for YOUR Organization:
  • Apply for Ad Grants
  • Serve As Your Ad Account Liason to Google
  • Keep Up With Eligibility Requirements For You
  • Generate Strategy & Manage Performance
  • Write Ad Copy & Manage Conversions Tracking
  • Help You Reach Your Goals
  • Increase Donations & Sponsorships Using Ad Grants
Monster Impact

Monster Impact: Ad Grants $399/mo

Ad Grants is part of the Google for Nonprofits initiative. This special program gives nonprofit organizations access to $10,000 monthly in free Google Ads. As one of the 45 certified agencies Worldwide, you can be sure our work is high-quality and recognized by Google.

Monster Mission

Monster Mission: Ad Grants & SEO $699/mo

Best results! Monster Mission is our best seller and our comprehensive strategy for getting amazing results with meaningful conversions. This package includes Ad Grants Management and SEO services. Maximize Ad Grants and DRAMATICALLY improve your organic traffic.

our services

AD Grants Management Glossary

Google Ad Grant Application & Approval

As Google Certified Partners, we’ll apply for a $10,000 monthly recurring grant on your behalf to use for Google Ads. 100% of everyone we’ve applied for has been approved. With Google Ad Grants, you can increase your website traffic by as much as 1,500+ targeted people monthly.


This service is for accounts that already have Google Ad Grants. This service includes working to lift suspensions, fixing errors in the account, identifying what is already working and making improvements wherever we can.


We will conduct a phone and/or video meeting with your team to review your website and discuss your organization’s goals in order to better inform our efforts.


We will identify actions you’d like users to perform once they land on your site. These actions, called conversions in digital marketing, will define success for your campaign and are necessary to qualify for Google Ads Grants.


We will identify the formal and informal language that your audience uses to search for your business and services so we can target them with highly relevant and compelling ads.


Using our keyword research, we will create ad groups and ad copy specifically designed to reach your target audience. Your team will review, approve, and edit all ad copy before we publish it in Google Ads.


We will have a 30 minute video/screen share call with your team through Google Hangouts. During this call we will review your approved Google Ad Grants Account and walk through the back-end of the management platform together.


We will create a custom report for your account that summarizes the performance of your campaigns. This report will include data from your Google Analytics, showcasing your website as a whole and highlighting the specific details of your Google Ad Grants Campaign.


Google has many requirements that must be met on a monthly basis in order to continue to be eligible for the grant and these requirements change on a regular basis. We have many years of experience in dealing with these requirements. We leverage this experience to maintain your eligibility and maximize the effectiveness of your Google Ad Grants.


We check in on your Ad Grant Account on a regular basis to optimize keywords, replace your lowest performing ads with new ad copy, implement automated processes and identify new opportunities for improvement.


Access to our support team at any time during business hours with 24 hour response times.


We work with you to identify additional meaningful user actions on your website. These additional conversions are crucial for understanding the success of your campaigns and can be things like form submissions, seeking directions to your locations, clicking on links to your affiliate websites, etc. We handle all of the coding that needs to be implemented.


Within your standard performance report, we can also pull in data from your organic traffic to blend with data from your PPC (Google Ads Grants) campaigns to help you understand where your web traffic is coming from and how those users interact with your website. This will ultimately lead to learning more and more about your audience which will continue to help inform and guide strategy.


We’ll schedule phone calls monthly to review campaign performance, answer questions, as well as discuss any optimizations we have identified that we believe could improve your Ad Grant.


We will check in on your website each month to ensure there are no broken or missing links and that all contact or event information is current and up to date. We will also provide suggestions on how to improve your visitors’ user experience on your site.


We will examine underperforming ad groups and determine if new landing pages need to be created or edited to improve quality score. Quality score is a rating system that Google uses to objectively grade each ad. A higher quality score generally translates into a lower average cost-per-click and more impressions in front of better quality leads. Quality score takes into account the relevancy of keyword targeting to ad copy to landing page experience and much more.


RankMonsters is a full-service Internet Marketing Company. We require a 3-month commitment on all monthly services. After this initial 3-month term, services are renewed month-to-month. We request a 30-day notice of cancellation. Upon cancellation of services, we remove all of our ad copy for proprietary and confidentiality purposes. However, we will leave an ad campaign with five ad groups in the account in order for the Ad Grant to remain in compliance and continue running during the transition of services.