Monster Maintenance: Maintain Eligibility

$99.00 / month

Google Ad Grants compliance regulations change every few weeks, and sometimes on a weekly basis.

There is no grace period for when a violation is made, meaning your account can be
suspended with no warning. To avoid this, we have a dedicated team monitoring accounts and meeting with Google monthly in order to stay informed about the most recent changes.

Monster Maintenance Services:

  • Maintain Google Ad Grants Eligibility
  • Manage Suspensions

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Google has many requirements that must be met on a monthly basis in order to continue to be eligible for the grant and these requirements change on a regular basis. We have years of experience in dealing with these requirements that we utilize to maintain your eligibility and maximize the effectiveness of Ad Grants.

Google Ad Grants is a special program that gives nonprofit organizations access to $10,000 monthly in free ads. Once you are approved for the Ad Grant, you will continue to get access to $10,000 per month for as long as the grant eligibility and compliance is maintained. Let us help you get years of Google Ad Grants by maintaining your eligibility with Monster Maintenance.

Program Policies:

Maintain Google Ad Grants Eligibility: We will monitor your Ad Grants Account and website for potential issues that would get your account suspended and notify your team to make adjustments before they can become an issue. This includes making mistakes within Ad Grants, such as adding single keywords or additional domains without the proper approval, and/or diagnosing and fixing any issues with the conversion tracking on your website.

Manage Suspensions: Even with us maintaining eligibility, your account could get suspended for issues outside of our control. One of the most common suspensions is your website getting suspended for malware. In most cases it doesn’t actually have malware but needs to be rescanned by Search Console and resubmitted to Google for review. Also, certifications expiring and needing to be resubmitted happens often as well. We will handle these suspensions as well as anything else that needs to be addressed to keep your Ad Grants Account compliant.

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