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Monster Maintenance: Maintain Eligibility

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RankMonsters is a long-standing member of the Google Certified Professional Community. There are only a handful of agencies who have earned this certification. Currently, we are one of only 46 Google Certified Professional Agencies in the world.

Requirements for membership include vigorous additional training and a continual demonstration of excellence in conversion-focused PPC advertising.

Our passion is to help impact nonprofits’ missions by maximizing their Ad Grants Campaign.

Ad Grants is a special program offered by Google that gives 501(c)(3) organizations access to $10,000 monthly in free ads. That’s $329 in ad spend per day to impact YOUR mission!

What You’ll Get

We will ensure that your account meets the eligibility requirements to continue receiving the $10,000 grant each month. Your team will handle tasks such as creating ads and keywords, while we will review your account regularly to prevent any errors or issues that could lead to the grant being suspended.

Google Ad Grants compliance regulations change frequently, sometimes even weekly. There’s no grace period for violations, meaning your account could be suspended without warning. To prevent this, our dedicated team monitors accounts and meets with Google monthly to stay updated on the latest changes.


  • Maintain Google Ad Grants Eligibility
  • Manage Suspensions
  • Account Support


Service Overview 


The Google Ad Grants program has compliance requirements that must be met on a monthly basis in order to continue to be eligible for the grant. These requirements can change and new requirements are often introduced. We have many years of experience in dealing with Ad Grants requirements. We leverage this experience to maintain your eligibility and maximize the effectiveness of your ad campaign.

Access to our support team at any time during business hours with 24 hour response times.
Monster Maintenance: Maintain Eligibility
We’ll diligently monitor your Ad Grants Account and website for any potential issues that could lead to your account being suspended. Our team will promptly notify you to make necessary adjustments before they escalate. This includes rectifying mistakes within Ad Grants, such as adding single keywords or extra domains without proper approval, as well as diagnosing and resolving any conversion tracking issues on your website.


SKU: recmdzyayh62wrH4Y Category:

Recurring Fee

Google Ad Grants Expert Customization & Training

Updated: 3/5/2024


Our services require a 6 month commitment; after that, services are month-to-month.

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