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Monster Launch: Expert Ad Grants Customization


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RankMonsters is a long-standing member of the Google Certified Professional Community. There are only a handful of agencies who have earned this certification. Currently, we are one of only 46 Google Certified Professional Agencies in the world.

Requirements for membership include vigorous additional training and a continual demonstration of excellence in conversion-focused PPC advertising.

Our passion is to help impact nonprofits’ missions by maximizing their Ad Grants Campaign.

Ad Grants is a special program offered by Google that gives 501(c)(3) organizations access to $10,000 monthly in free ads. That’s $329 in ad spend per day to impact YOUR mission!

What You’ll Get

Monster Launch is perfect for organizations who would like an expert to structure their ad campaign. This product is a one-time fee and our services take 6-8 weeks to complete. Whether you already have Google Ad Grants or you have not yet applied for the grant, our Monster Launch product will help maximize your campaign performance and results.

  • Ad Grants Account Liaison
  • Discovery Meeting
  • Expert Account Structure
  • Looker Studio Real-Time Reporting
  • Google Ad Grants Training
  • Account Transition or Monthly Management


Service Overview 


We will serve as your account liaison to Google. As a certified professional agency, we work directly with a specialized team at Google that specializes in Ad Grants. This helps to speed up the process when it comes to applications, getting approvals, and lifting suspensions.

As Google Certified Partners, we’ll apply for a $10,000 monthly recurring grant on your behalf to use for Google Ads. 100% of everyone we’ve applied for has been approved. With Google Ad Grants, you can increase your website traffic by as much as 1,500+ targeted people monthly.

If you already have Google Ad Grants, that’s great! This service is for accounts that already have a Google Ad Grant. This service includes working to lift suspensions, fixing errors in the account, identifying what is already working well, and making improvements wherever we can.


We will conduct a online video meeting with your team to review your website and discuss your organization’s goals in order to better inform our efforts when it comes to structuring your account.

This service is included in Monster Launch.


In order to get results with Google Ad Grants, your ad account must have a clear strategy and meaningful conversion tracking must be implemented. The account must also follow specific guidelines in order to continue to receive the Ad Grant each month. We will implement an expert ad account strategy and work with you to ensure a solid foundation is set in place for your campaign. We will structure your account and train your team based on the official program policies and eligibility requirements:

We will review the pages on your website to see if we can use them as landing pages for your ads. Our goal is to identify 1-6 pages to use, as this will give us a good foundation to build your ad account around. We will make suggestions for your current pages and/or provide you with ideas for new pages. We can make the approved changes to your web pages ourselves or work with you and/or your webmaster to get the tasks completed.

We are a team of SEO Experts, Web Developers and Ad Specialists. We will review your website and specifically pages that are being used for the ad campaign. We will make recommendations, create content as needed, and work with your team to make sure your website is meeting your goals.

We will identify the ways in which people search for your organization so we can target them with highly relevant and compelling ads.

Using our landing pages and keyword research, we will create 6 ad groups and ad copy specifically designed to reach your target audience. Your team will review, approve, and edit all ad copy before we publish it to your Google Ad Grants campaign. These ad groups are designed to create a strong foundation to build on as we start getting meaningful traction with your ad campaign.

We will work with you to identify meaningful conversions on your website, such as tracking form submissions, getting directions, links to your affiliate websites, etc. We can handle all of the coding that needs to be implemented or, if you prefer, walk you through doing it yourself. Ad Grants runs on a conversion-based bid structure, so creating meaningful conversions is mandatory for having a successful ad campaign.

This service is included in Monster Launch.



We will create a real-time report in Looker Studio that summarizes the performance of your campaigns. This report will include data from your Google Ads account as well as Google Analytics, showcasing your website as a whole and highlighting the specific details of your Google Ad Grants Campaign. Looker Studio is a free tool that you will be able to continue to use and customize beyond your relationship with RankMonsters.

This service is included in Monster Launch.


We will provide your team with 1 hour of hands-on training. Training with an organization that is an expert at managing Ad Grants is a huge value. Our resources will save your team time and money and keep you from potentially losing your grant by getting your account suspended.

In 2018, we were one of the original 9 agencies selected by Google to participate in a year of training to learn how to maximize Ad Grants for grantees. We have continued our education to provide you with the knowledge and expertise to be successful in utilizing the grant. We will provide your team with two training sessions:

  1. The 1st 30 minute training session includes a complete overview of your Google Ad Grants account and reviewing Google’s documentation for maintaining Ad Grants compliance.
  2. The 2nd 30 minute training session is to answer questions that you may have as you start to get more familiar with and begin to manage your ad campaigns yourself.

These sessions have to be used within 6 months of us completing our Monster Launch services.

We will also provide you with a video overview of your account and the documentation needed to maintain your Ad Grant Campaign.

This service is included in Monster Launch.


After completing our Monster Launch product, you will be offered one of our monthly management packages. We would love to continue working with you, however, you are under no obligation to purchase monthly management from us. Our monthly package rates are $99, $399 and $699, depending on the level of service you are wanting.

If you choose to take over management of your account, all work completed and accounts created will be transitioned to your team. This will give you a structured ad account and a plan for success.

This service is included in Monster Launch.

Monster Launch: Expert Ad Grants Customization

We want you to get the most out of Google Ad Grants. This one-time fee allows us to work on your account to get it performing with a strategy based on your goals. Whether we are starting from the application process or taking over an existing account, our services will maximize your Google Ad Grants results! There is also no obligation to continue using our services, making it flexible and affordable for your organization.


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One-Time Fee

6-8 Weeks Completion

Google Ad Grants Expert Customization & Training

Updated: 3/5/2024


If we are unable to get your organization approved for Google Ad Grants, you will receive a 100% refund. This will not hinder you from applying again in the future.

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