Monster Launch: Ad Grants Application & Approval


Google Ad Grants Application and Approval. One-time fee to apply for Google Ad Grants and train your team how to manage the campaign once approved.

Our Monster Launch product is perfect for organizations who would like help applying for Google Ad Grants and getting expert advice on how to then manage the campaign themselves.

This is a 6-8 week process:

  • Application & Approval
  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Creation
  • Keyword Research
  • Landing Pages
  • Google Reporting
  • Training

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Google Ad Grants Application and Approval. Google Ad Grants is a special program that gives nonprofit organizations access to $10,000 monthly in free ads. That’s $329 in ad spend per day to Impact YOUR Mission!

Our Monster Launch product is perfect for organizations who would like help applying for Google Ad Grants and getting expert advice on how to then manage the campaign themselves. This is a one-time fee and a 6-8 week process.

We will work with you to ensure a solid foundation for your Google Ad Grants Campaign. This package includes application and approval as well as initial campaign setup and training for your team. We will structure your account and train your team based on the program policies: https://support.google.com/grants/topic/3500093?hl=en&ref_topic=3500091

We’re a longtime member of the Certified Professional Community, and we have proven experience in maximizing the reach and potential available to you under the Google Ad Grants program.

Google Ad Grants Application & Approval: As Google Certified Partners, we’ll apply for a $10,000 monthly recurring grant on your behalf to use on Google Ads. We handle all aspects of the application process for you and navigate any potential roadblocks.

Keyword Research: We will identify the ways in which people search for your organization so we can target them with highly relevant and compelling ads.

Ad Creation: Using our keyword research, we will create 5 ad groups and ad copy specifically designed to reach your target audience. Your team will review, approve, and edit all ad copy before we publish it in your Google Ad Grants Campaign. These 5 ad groups are designed to create a strong foundation for you to build on as you take over management of the campaign.

Google Analytics & Conversion Tracking: We work with you to identify meaningful conversions on your website, such as tracking form submissions, getting directions, links to your affiliate websites, etc. We can handle all of the coding that needs to be implemented or, if you prefer, walk you through doing it yourself. Ad Grants runs on a conversion based bid structure so creating meaningful conversions is mandatory for having a successful ad campaign.

Landing Pages: We will review the pages on your website to see if we can use them as landing pages for your ads (1-3 pages). We will make suggestions for your current pages and or provide you with ideas for new pages. We can make the approved changes to your web pages or work with you and/or your webmaster to get the tasks completed.

Google Reporting: We will create a report for you within Google Data Studio and will provide you with a link that you can access at any time. This report will include data from your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts, showcasing your website as a whole and highlighting the specific details of your Google Ad Grants campaign performance.

Training: We will provide your team with 2-3 training sessions that equal 1 hour and 30 minutes. The 1st training session will be when we are handling the account over to your team. The training is 1 hour and includes a complete overview of your Google Ad Grants Account and reviewing Google’s documentation for maintaining Ad Grants compliance. The 2nd training is 30 minutes and can be split up into two 15 minute sessions. This is to answer questions that you have as you start to manage your campaign. These sessions have to be used within 6 months of taking over your account management.

Terms: If we are unable to get your organization approved for Google Ad Grants, you will receive a 100% refund. This will not hinder you from applying again in the future.