Monster Mission: Ad Grants & SEO

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Monster Mission is our best seller and our comprehensive strategy for getting amazing results with meaningful conversions. This package includes Ad Grants Management and full SEO services. Maximize Ad Grants and DRAMATICALLY improve organic traffic and conversions.

  • Google Ad Grants Management
  • SEO
  • Monthly Reporting

Best results! RankMonsters is SCARY GOOD at managing Ad Grants and that’s because we combine our SEO skills to maximize results!

Get started with Google Ad Grants. We make the process easy by getting your organization approved and creating the entire advertising campaign. RankMonsters is a proud member of the Google Ad Grants Certified Professional Community.

Monster Mission helps your mission by providing professional Google Ad Grants Management and Search Engine Optimization for your entire website. The Google Ad Platform, and specifically Google Ad Grants, takes expertise to manage in order to get quality results.

Ad Grants Strategy: You must have a clear strategy and meaningful conversions in place in order to maximize Ad Grants and increase the value it provides your organization.

Maintain Compliance: The compliance regulations change every few weeks, and sometimes on a weekly basis. There is no grace period for when a violation is made, meaning your account can be suspended with no warning. To avoid this, we have a dedicated team of professionals monitoring our sites and meeting with Google monthly in order to stay informed about the most recent changes and do our best to reduce the likelihood that your account will be suspended.

Meaningful Conversion Tracking: Measuring meaningful conversions and an accurate ROI can be difficult. We have fine-tuned processes in place that allow us to do just that and we share the data with you in our real-time reporting, giving you insight into your account’s performance at any time.

One of the reasons we enjoy working with nonprofits, specifically in obtaining and managing Ad Grants, is because we are able to make a significant impact.

  • Apply for Ad Grants and receive $10,000/month to spend on Google Ads
  • Maximize the campaign to impact your mission
  • Drive conversions and donations
  • Appeal suspensions or rejections
  • Ensure you keep Ad Grants and avoid suspensions

We’re a longtime member of the Certified Professional Community, and we have proven experience in maximizing the reach and potential available to you under the Google Ad Grants program.

Monster Mission Ad Grants Management

Application Grant Application & Approval: As Google Certified Partners, we'll apply for a $10,000 monthly recurring grant on your behalf to use on Google Ads. We handle all aspects of the application process for you and navigate any potential roadblocks.

Existing Account Cleanup: This is for accounts that already have Google Ad Grants. This service includes working to lift suspensions, fixing errors in the account, identifying what is already working, and making improvements where we can.

Discovery Meeting: We will conduct a phone and/or video meeting with your team to review your website and discuss your organization's goals in order to better inform our efforts.

Google Analytics Goal Set-Up: We will identify and implement basic conversion goals on your website to use for Ad Grants.

In-Depth Keyword Research: We will identify the ways in which people search for your business and services so we can target them with highly relevant and compelling ads.

Ad Creation: Using our keyword research, we will create ad groups and ad copy specifically designed to reach your target audience. Your team will review, approve, and edit all ad copy before we publish it in Google Ads.

Google Ad Platform Review: We will have a 30 minute video/screen share call with your team through Google Hangouts. During this call we will review your approved Google Ad Grants account and walk through the backend of the management platform together.

Maintain Eligibility: Google has many requirements that must be met on a monthly basis in order to continue to be eligible for the grant and these requirements change on a regular basis. We have years of experience in dealing with these requirements that we utilize to maintain your eligibility and maximize the effectiveness of Ad Grants.

Ad Grants Optimization: We check on your Ad Grants campaign on a regular basis to optimize keywords, replace the lowest performing ads with new ad copy, implement automated processes, and identify new opportunities for improvement.

Account and Website Support: Access to our support team at any time during business hours with 24 hour response times.

Custom Conversion Tracking: We work with you to identify additional meaningful conversions on your website, such as tracking form submissions, getting directions, links to your affiliate websites, etc. We can handle all of the coding that needs to be implemented or, if you prefer, walk you through doing it yourself.

Monthly Landing Pages Review: We will examine underperforming ad groups and determine if new landing pages need to be created, as well as any other opportunities our team has identified that we can improve upon.

Google Reporting: We will create a Google Data Studio for reporting and will provide you with a link that you can access at any time. This report will include data from your Google Analytics, showcasing your website as a whole and highlighting the specific details of your Google Ad Grants campaign.

Monster Mission SEO

SEO is the practice of making changes to a website to help it perform better in organic search results. There are many components of SEO, from making changes to a website’s code and architecture, to updating and improving content, to building links and citations around the web.

On-Page SEO:
We will complete all tasks necessary to optimize your web pages for specific keywords in order to improve search visibility and traffic. This involves aligning page-specific elements like title tags, headings, content, images and internal links with keywords.

Off-Page SEO:

  • Local Citations – Citations are a vital part of your SEO portfolio. They play a key role in helping your business or organization be found online. Citations can include any listing or profile featuring your business on the web, including profiles on Google My Business, Yellow Pages, Yelp, Facebook, and many more.
  • Link Building – In addition to building links from citation sites and networks, RankMonsters will also work to earn links from other related or high-value websites. We identify the sites we want links from by looking at pages linking to your competitors or to related high-ranking websites in your industry. We then submit your website or content relevant to your website in order to earn a link back to you.

Google Reporting: We will create a Google Data Studio for reporting and will provide you with a link that you can access at any time. This report will include data from your Google Analytics, showcasing your website as a whole and highlighting the specific details of your Google Ad Grants campaign.

Our services require a 3 month commitment; after that, services are month-to-month.

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