Free Ad Grants Application & Approval


Google Ad Grants Application and Approval. This free offering includes application and approval as well as basic campaign setup. We will provide you with documentation and video training on your Google Ad Grant account.

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Free Ad Grants Application and Approval. Google Ad Grants is a special program that gives nonprofit organizations access to $10,000 monthly in free ads. That’s $329 in ad spend per day to Impact YOUR Mission!

Ad Grants Application & Approval: As Google Certified Partners, we'll apply for a $10,000 monthly recurring grant on your behalf to use on Google Ads. We handle all aspects of the application process for you and navigate any potential roadblocks. We will structure your account and train your team based on the program policies:

Training: We will provide your team with a 30 minute training sessions to review your approved Google Ad Grants Account and Google’s documentation for maintaining Ad Grants compliance.

We’re a longtime member of the Certified Professional Community, and we have proven experience in maximizing the reach and potential available to you under the Google Ad Grants program.

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