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Monster Impact: Ad Grants

Monster Impact: Ad Grants

$400.00 / month

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RankMonsters is a long-standing member of the Google Certified Professional Community. There are only a handful of agencies who have earned this certification. Currently, we are one of only 46 Google Certified Professional Agencies in the world.

Requirements for membership include vigorous additional training and a continual demonstration of excellence in conversion-focused PPC advertising.

Our passion is to help impact nonprofits’ missions by maximizing their Ad Grants Campaign.

Ad Grants is a special program offered by Google that gives 501(c)(3) organizations access to $10,000 monthly in free ads. That’s $329 in ad spend per day to impact YOUR mission!

What You’ll Get

Monster Impact offers comprehensive monthly management of your Ad Grants campaigns. This service allows us to continuously optimize your campaigns to maximize results. We regularly review ad groups and strategies, making adjustments to enhance performance. Additionally, we conduct quarterly meetings with your team to review progress, discuss results, and align campaign efforts with your evolving goals.

  • Maintain Ad Grants Eligibility
  • Account Support
  • Ad Account Management
  • Strategy Meetings
  • Custom Conversion Tracking
  • Custom Reporting


Service Overview 


The Google Ad Grants program has compliance requirements that must be met on a monthly basis in order to continue to be eligible for the grant. These requirements can change and new requirements are often introduced. We have many years of experience in dealing with Ad Grants requirements. We leverage this experience to maintain your eligibility and maximize the effectiveness of your ad campaign.

Access to our support team at any time during business hours with 24 hour response times.

We will review your ad account on a regular basis to optimize performance and identify new opportunities for success.

On a quarterly basis, we will review your website to see if there are new pages and/or blog posts that we can use as landing pages to create new ads.
We will also provide suggestions on how to improve your visitors’ user experience on your site.

On a monthly basis, we will identify new keyword opportunities. We do this by seeing which search terms you are getting the most visits from. We will either add the keywords to a current ad group or create a new ad group.

Using your landing pages and our continued keyword research, we will create new ad groups as necessary. By having ad groups and ads that are in line with your brand awareness and conversion goals, the better the chances are that your campaign will perform well.

We will examine underperforming ad groups and determine if new landing pages need to be created or edited to improve quality score. Quality score is a rating system that Google uses to objectively grade each ad. A higher quality score generally translates into a lower average cost-per-click and more impressions in front of better quality leads. Quality score takes into account the relevancy of keyword targeting, ad copy, landing page experience, and much more.

We’ll schedule a quarterly meeting with your team to review campaign performance and answer any questions you may have, as well as discuss any optimizations we have identified that we believe could improve your Ad Grants campaign. We will also be checking in on a monthly basis and can schedule additional meetings if needed.
We will work with you to identify additional meaningful user actions on your website. These additional conversions are crucial for understanding the success of your campaigns and can be things like form submissions, tracking the number of donations to your organization, clicking on links to your affiliate websites, etc. We will handle all of the coding that needs to be implemented in order to get these conversions in place.
Within your standard performance report, we will also pull in data from your organic traffic to blend with data from your PPC (Google Ads Grants) campaigns to help you understand where your web traffic is coming from and how those users interact with your website. This will ultimately lead to learning more about your audience, which will continue to help inform and guide our marketing strategy.
Monster Impact: Monthly Management
We’re committed to maximizing your benefits from Google Ad Grants. Our monthly management services afford us the time needed to optimize your campaign spend and results effectively. We continually adapt and refine our efforts to ensure your campaign achieves its full potential.


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Recurring Fee

Google Ad Grants Expert Customization & Training

Updated: 3/5/2024


Our services require a 3 month commitment; after that, services are month-to-month.

If we are unable to get your organization approved for Google Ad Grants, you will receive a 100% refund. This will not hinder you from applying again in the future.

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