Review Monitoring & Increase Positive Online Reviews

Getting a negative review on Google, Yelp, Facebook, or another website can hurt your ability to connect with and serve your community. It is even more frustrating when the review was not submitted by an actual customer but by someone trying to interfere with your mission. Negative reviews don’t just look bad. They also can hurt your organic rankings in search engines.

RankMonsters has years of experience in monitoring and handling reviews for our clients. Whether you want to monitor your online presence for negative reviews, solicit more reviews from your clients, or decrease the visibility of negative reviews on your properties, we can help.


RM Review Services

$200 monthly recurring fee 


RankMonsters uses special tools to track mentions of your website or organization name across the Internet. We actively monitor review websites, social media pages and more for negative reviews. Websites we monitor include Google, Yelp, Facebook, Yellow Pages and more.


Once we identify or detect negative reviews on your pages or profiles, we create a plan to either respond to, push down or entirely remove the review. It is important to come up with an easy-to-implement strategy that will work in removing or mitigating the impact of the review. Our most common strategies for handling negative reviews include:

  • Respond

In many cases, the best way to handle a legitimate negative review is simply to respond to it. However, responses need to be handled delicately. Improper responses can make your organization seem combative, dismissive, or untruthful. We take care to plan out custom responses any time your organization receives a negative review. These responses will address the points made in the original negative review and respond to them. We will also always share all of our strategies and content with you and your team before posting.

  • Remove

When reviews are left by false customers, or the review makes provably false claims about your business or organization, it is often possible to dispute the reviews and get them taken down. This strategy can be effective, but it is more difficult to enact and isn’t always applicable. We will be sure to discuss with you whether it will be possible to remove any false reviews from your profiles.

  • Pushing Down

Finally, a good way to handle getting negative reviews is to get more positive reviews to help push the negative one out of visibility. This has several benefits, including raising your overall business rating or score and making your location appear popular and well-trafficked. RankMonsters can help you “boost” your organizations review efforts and get more genuine positive reviews from your customers or clients.


Part of pushing negative reviews down and building a positive reputation online is soliciting more reviews from customers likely to leave positive remarks. Unfortunately this can be difficult for many nonprofits and small businesses to manage. RankMonsters uses special tools to help you solicit reviews directly from your customers and clients and then place those reviews on the platforms where they will do the most good.

Our Review Boost package includes:

  • Access to your own private dashboard where you can manage customer reviews and platforms where they will appear.
  • Email tools to contact recent customers and ask them about their experiences at your organization.
  • Automatic review publishing which allows you to forward positive reviews to the platform(s) of your choice.
  • Options to have customers with negative experiences to leave a response for you directly in order to preemptively receive and respond to criticism before the individual leaves a public negative review.