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Google Adwords Grant Management Services

RankMonsters management services are designed to make nonprofit marketing programs more obtainable and successful. We take the hassle out of enrolling and maintaining eligibility for nonprofit programs. In contrast, enrolling and managing these accounts yourself can take considerable time, effort, and expertise.

The RankMonsters team has years of experience applying for and managing nonprofit-focused marketing campaigns. We can help you avoid getting denied or rejected, and we can appeal suspensions or rejections from the past. We have studied the requirements and guidelines for the programs carefully and can ensure your accounts are set up the right way.

We are passionate about the Search Engine Marketing industry as a whole, and we stay up-to-date on the latest Google updates and guidelines to ensure your organization maintains eligibility. We also frequently review your campaign’s status, keywords, and performance. We work as an extension of your team to determine goals and maximize results.

RankMonsters Grant Management

$250 monthly recurring fee

Discovery Meeting

Our team will meet with yours to discuss your online goals and objectives. We’ll work with you to structure your campaign in a way that generates the results you want from your Adwords Grant.

Keyword Research

We perform detailed keyword research to find out how people are searching for your organization or your services online. We will then use these keywords to design targeted advertisements and to update the content on your website to capture searches and conversions.

Content Creation

Our in-house content creation team will create text-based ads that meet the Adwords quality guidelines. Our ads are designed for high quality score and clickthrough rates. We will send all content to you for approval before it runs online.

Campaigns & Ad Groups

To capture the most searches online, we will structure your Google Grant with multiple Campaigns and Ad Groups. This helps gain more online visibility and lets us better maximize your budget.

Campaign Adjustments

Adwords campaigns need regular adjustments and modifications to perform well. We monitor your Adwords Grant campaigns and make any adjustments they need in order to perform as well as possible.


Each month we will send you a progress report detailing the work we completed. Our reporting includes details about the visitors to your website, the content that is performing well, and keywords your website is ranking for in search engines.

RankMonsters Grant Management Light

$250 set up + $99 monthly recurring fee

If you are a smaller nonprofit that doesn’t need regular updates and changes to your Ad Grant and website, we can still help you. Our Grant Management Light package still allows you access to the Google Adwords Grant and sets you up for success. However, once your account is in place, we simply maintain your eligibility for the Grant and other Google for Nonprofit programs.

This package does not include regular changes and updates to your ad content, and is meant for small nonprofits with static offerings and services. The services under this package are the same as under our full Grant Management package, but do not include regular campaign adjustments and updates. Any changes or updates you do wish to make to your account are subject to an additional fee.

We can help you decide which package is right for your organization’s needs and goals. Sign up below to get started today.

Start the Qualification Process

Applying for the Google Adwords Grant is a free, no obligation service.

Once approved, you can can choose to have RankMonsters create, maintain & maximize the Adwords Grant Campaign or you can manage the campaign on your own. Our no contract month-to-month services makes it easy for you to get started.

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